Hello Guys!

Myself Akshat Sinha and I create blog just to share facts and knowledge we all have.

We are humans and it is human tendency to learn new and new things.

By this blog I will like to earn as well as learn the beauty of knowledge.

The knowledge don’t have any language, so whatever you know just share here without taking care of language.


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  2. Gate

  1. Technology Update

  2. My Blog

Further Category are show below as well as in Menu.

So, that`s all from my side.
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2 thoughts on “Unifacto!

  1. shadman siddique

    hello akshat, my htc desire 310 is also infected with ghost push and its not s rooted phone.I have done factory reset but its of no use.It all started with apus launcher and then many other apps started getting installed without my consent viz. saavn , 9apps, we chat and many more.Also battery started draining fast. i even tried ghost push Trojan killer by cm security but it wants my phone to be rooted. all other methods mentioned seem to complicated for me to perform myself.will it do good if i visit htc service centre ask them to assist??
    how much will it cost ?..please do reply soon

    1. Same happened with me..
      And the main thing is I also has HTC desire 310 which is affected by same virus.
      Anyway, if the mobile was in warranty then contact customer care.
      otherwise, I don’t know how much they cost you.
      If you want to remove it yourself and you believe yourself then do following:-
      1.) you should have to root your phone,,as you were using same device then I am damm sure that you also be able to remove it.
      2) After rooting , install any antivirus check how much application is affected by virus
      3)try cm security, wait upto 5 minutes, and done

      To root I gave so much way on my post
      I use kingo root and recommend you to use it too..
      anyway it’s your choice, try any method.
      And done…!!!

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